Carbuyer Taking a brand into TV

The Words

Dennis Publishing had never taken the Carbuyer brand into TV before. Existing growth had been organic and purely through SEO and PPC. An integrated campaign was needed to explain the brand proposition and accelerate growth of the site through multiple channels on a limited budget.

For maximum brand awareness Tricycle created a campaign which focused on the people you should never go to for car advice. By using humour to promote the site, it created instant cut through with a very limited media spend. These instantly identifiable characters resonate with the target audience; everyone knows an Uncle Barry, a Petrol Head Pete or a Neighbour Petulia.

To achieve cost effectiveness, a simple live action shoot enabled us to piggy back stills to create print for magazines and digital banners. This also allowed us time to provide extended dialogue based ‘sketches’ featuring our 3 main characters for a digital presence.

The initial campaign saw a 70% uplift in visitors to the website from the region it was tested in, which eventually led to the commercial running nationally.

The ad has been viewed on youtube by over a 250,000 people since launching in Jan. Pretty spectacular for this challenger brand!

Who would you trust? - Carbuyer