Foxy Bingo Developing a Brand

Foxy Hotel

Check-in to the Foxy Hotel!

Swing swing swing! Our swinging 2016 campaign for Foxy Bingo sees Foxy keeping his fresh new look and getting his groove on in his very own Foxy hotel!

For opulence there is only one place to shoot the hotel and that is Budapest itself. As Foxy might well say “Grand”. The commercial is the first of six throughout 2016 where we follow our beloved fox through the lobby and down the corridors, popping up in the pool and rollicking in the restaurant, everywhere he goes spreading the Foxy fun!

Bell hops and bus boys, waiters and guests, everyone wants a piece of the Foxy action!

Foxy Bingo - Foxy Hotel
Foxy Bingo - Sponsorship

at 40 seconds with lots of detail and foxy quips, the ad manages to seemlessly swish and fancy to its target audience, which is what matters – beating much of its competition hands down. Or is that eyes down? – David Reviews

Foxy Casino

Double down in the Foxy Casino!

When the sun goes down the roulette wheel starts spinning.

With a strong Las Vegas vibe, Foxy trades in his Mini cooper for American muscle and the real fun begins in his very own casino.

Complimenting 2016 Foxy bingo’s hotel campaign, our bell hop from upstairs joins in on the action as our troop of showgirls keep foxy company, dancing and dice rolling there way through this musical number.



Foxy Casino - Casino

Developing a Brand

Tricycle is now in its ninth year of sustaining Foxy Bingo’s position as the market-leader in this hugely competitive sector.

In 2015 Tricycle refreshed the Foxy Bingo brand with a redesigned logo, a new website and a visual revamp of the ‘Foxy’ character himself, including a stylish new wardrobe!


This was achieved through a combination of 30 second TV ads and a ongoing sponsorship campaign tied to The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Foxy Bingo has become a household name that represents fun and the community spirit of the online bingo world.

Foxy Bingo - Pier
Foxy Bingo - Our First Campaign

Nine Years of Foxy Fun

Over the past nine years Tricycle’s multi-platform campaign has continued to tie together TVC, sponsorship, radio, print and online. We developed Foxy’s digital presence through social media games and viral documentary-style spots, expanding his world while keeping the brand at the forefront of consumers’ minds.

2015 also saw further development of the Foxy brand by launching a new Foxy Casino campaign.

Foxy casino - Pier
Foxy Bingo - What Foxy did next

“Foxy – on a minuscule budget but bolstered by the brand’s sponsorship of ITV’s Jeremy Kyle Show – emerged as the year’s best-value TV advertising. In tough economic times, is there a lesson there for marketeers?”

Marketing Adweek


The Foxy Bingo brand continues to have a presence online and through print and radio campaigns.

Over the years ‘Foxy’ has stepped from the TV screen to 96-sheet billboards, bus backs and sides, and onto digital video walls around the UK, with tie-ins to charities including Comic Relief and Breast Cancer Awareness.

The distinctive vocal skills of ‘Foxy’ also brings his presence to radio, with multiple ads created throughout the year to support the TV offerings.