French’s Hotdogs The Discoverer's Club


American condiment brand French’s was faced with three ‘firsts’:

1. They partnered with UK-based Smithfield Foods to produce its first ever hotdog.

2. They were faced with advertising in the UK for the first time.

3. They selected Tricycle as their first UK creative agency!

French's Hotdogs - Sponsors the Discovery Channel
French's Hotdogs - Digital Content


After some weeks in consultation with French’s and Smithfield Foods, it was decided that we would create brand awareness via sponsorship idents on the Discovery channel – a great fit with a large and surprisingly-young male demographic.

Tricycle engaged with the audience by creating and introducing the “Discoverers’ Club” – where famous explorers go to kick back and relax! An amusing set of idents were created showing acclaimed explorers winding down and enjoying the delights of French’s Hot Dogs.


To complement and support the sponsorship, we created banners and a landing page featuring more of our wacky explorers and their antics.