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Bingo Godz - Launch


After working with Tricycle to successfully launch Foxy Bingo, the founders wanted to introduce a new bingo brand with the emphasis on ‘gamification’.

With only a skeleton idea for Bingo Godz, Tricycle was tasked to develop the fledgling brand, help design the game’s functionality, and promote via TV and social media.


We knew from our experiences with Foxy Bingo that Bingo Godz would have to be more entertaining than previous games. We took our lead from successful apps like Candy Crush and Clash of Clans  focussing on ‘Level-ups’ and characters.

Players were presented with 36 animated ‘Godz’ to collect, with six initially being showcased in the launch TVC voiced by the booming godlike roar of Brian Blessed, who would go on to become the voice of the brand: “Gordon’s Alive – number 5!”

“Tricycle have not only created the branding and core design of the Bingo Godz product but they have also created and produced an incredible ad campaign that sets itself apart from all other brands in its field.”

Patrick, Gaming Realms

Character animations - Bingo Godz

The characters


Tricycle has continued to work with Gaming Realms, developing two other brands – Pocket Fruity and Castle Jackpot, with the latter resulting in three ‘cheap and cheerful’ Monty Python’s Holy Grail-esque spots all shot in a day with a skeleton crew, one of whom made the final cut.

Pocket Fruity - Machine
Castle Jackpot - Red Hot Poker