Kellogg’s What's for breakfast?

The brands

For the last four years Tricycle has produced sponsorship idents for Breakfast on CITV based around Kellogg’s brands: Coco Pops, Mini Max, Honey Loops & Rice Krispies Multi-grain Shapes.

Due to the success of our Coco Porridge and Mini Crocs sponsorship spots last year, CITV have recommissioned them again for 2016!

Tricycle’s in-house creative and animation teams were able to write and produce multiple high-quality idents within a tight timescale and challenging budget.

Scripts were written for all four brands that positively encouraged kids to explore, interact with the world around them and let their imaginations run wild.


Kellogg's - Rice Krispie Multi-Grain shapes 2016
Kellogg's - Coco Pops Porridge
Kellogg's - Coco Pops Mini Crocs
Kellogg's - Honey Loops
Kellogg's - Mini Max

Different stories, different styles

The spots needed to be entertaining for the kids, appealing to mums as well as keeping strong brand recognition between each product.

  • Coco Pops had kids guessing ‘What might happen next?’ when Croc tries to steal a range of different Coco Pop cereals.
  • Honey Loops encouraged kids to get active and dance along with Honey the Bee.
  • Mini Max, using live-action and 3d animation, demonstrates the cereal setting a kid up for an active day at school.
  • RKMG encourages learning about the natural world by using kid based factoids, followed by a series of imaginative kids stories, animated using the four Multigrain shapes.


Due to the longevity of the relationship, Breakfast on CITV is now synonymous with the Kellogg’s brand.

Kellogg's - Rice Krispie Multi-Grain shapes 2013
Kellogg's - Croco-copters