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Thames & Hudson

Working with our new clients Thames & Hudson we created this short, fun animation illustrating the latest book from entrepreneur, angel investor, geek, and wonder woman ShaoLan.

Chineasy Everyday is all-in-one introduction to over 400 Chinese characters and phrases using simple visual building blocks with beautiful illustrations from the graphic artist Noma Bar.

Thames & Hudson - Chineasy

Latest from Faber

The fruits of our Faber & Fabery loins, three new ads for three new books.

Get ready to party like a pear! Its the Kitchen Disco! The Banana is the DJ, he plays the latest hits!

The latest instalment from the secret footballer, dishing even more insider dirt on the beautiful game.

Explore Arcadia, the book that’s an app “a new way of storytelling” with thousands of possible narratives, what happens next is entirely up to you!


Faber & Faber - Kitchen Disco
Faber & Faber - The Secret Footballer
Faber & Faber - Arcadia

Faber & Faber

In 2013 Faber & Faber came to us with an idea to create shareable branded content films that would work directly with their marketing work promoting new material from its authors.

Their aim was to create entertaining, interesting and easily digestible short animated films, which would could then be shared across social media and used as a promotional tool on relevant news and content websites.

The first project we worked on was for the launch of Marcus Chown’s new popular science book “What a Wonderful World” which attempted to explain everything in the world – from special relativity and sex to finance and thermodynamics.

Tricycle was asked to distil the book down into 5 short videos, choosing what we thought were the most interesting “big ideas” within the book and scripting them into fun, shareable videos.

Each spot was hosted on the Faber and Faber website, used throughout the year for promotion. They were also showcased on the Guardian book website and New Scientist amongst others.

Faber&Faber - Rocket fuelled Babies
Faber&Faber - Quantum Theory

“Makes me want to cry a bit (in a good way). It’s so lovely.  I really don’t think I can tell you quite how much I love it”

Susan Holmes, Faber & Faber Consumer Marketing Manager

Faber&Faber - Squishy McFluff
Faber&Faber - Snow


The success was instantly recognised by Bloomsbury press, who commissioned Tricycle to work on the upcoming launch of Alex Bellos’s popular science book “Alex Through The Looking Glass”. We decided to create a story on his research into the world’s favourite number – 7. This story was picked up by national news outlets including BBC, Metro and Independent.

The story spread overseas with us completing an American version for the publisher.


Bloomsbury - The World's favourite number