Sponsorship Adding brand value


As well as working on full TV and print campaigns, Tricycle has produced an absolutely huge number of TV sponsorship campaigns over the years.

We’ve worked with brands as diverse as Weetabix, Herbal Essences and 118 118, in tandem with clients’ media agencies or with our own media partners.

We consider ourselves to be experts in the use of TV sponsorship opportunities to raise awareness of your brand where it can be a very cost effective way of bringing your brand to a much larger audience.

118 118 - Drama on C4
Just Eat - Take Me Out
French's Hotdogs - Discovery
ITV Bingo - Corrie
Herbal Essences - Desperate Housewives

TV Sponsorship can be a real winner for first time to TV brands, as well as adding extra value to a larger campaign strategy.

Lurpack - Jamie's Kitchen

How it works

The key to a successful TV sponsorship campaign is that the product and the programme have to sit comfortably together. The stronger the creative link with the programme, the stronger the recognition of the brand. The two need to become intrinsically linked in the minds of TV viewers.

The lack of direct messaging within sponsorship can sometimes make it harder to push specific product points but we’ve become very tactical at pushing key brand values and attributes cleverly into the creative solutions.

San Miguel - Sky Sports
Spontex - House
Weetabix Minis - Home & Away
Knorr - Home & Away
Flora - Countdown
Pizza Hut - Simpsons
Eve Magazine - Grey's Anatomy
Tena - Timeless Classics