Digital Content It's all about the idea

It’s all about the idea

It seems the whole world is going mad for content, especially when YouTube revealed that people spend more than 7 billion hours a month on its site. Digital content now obviously needs to be a key part of any strategy, but how can there be certainty that the content will not be lost in all the hubbub?

The solution – engaging, captivating creative which resonates with the audience

Johnnie Walker - Keep on walking
Nintendo - Real Stories
Toyota - Zero Emissions

Digital and branded content can be a highly effective way to reach a new audience and one that does not need to break the bank. However as our spots show, the idea is key.

Skype - Oranges

Big Brands

Tricycle have worked directly with top brands and collaborated with agencies, to find ways to connect with an audience through developing stories. For such brands as Johnny Walker, Skype and Nintendo we bring people’s stories front and centre.

For others such as Orange, Lynx and Ginger Beer it has been through the creative extension of an already successful campaign, where the production of engaging humorous stories have succeeded pushing the brands in the digital arena.

Lynx - The Effect
See Something Say Something - Marcus's Story
Thomson Holidays - Families and Couples
Ginger Beer - Ginger Beards